I must thanks all people I met in my projects, but some special thanks for:

My good friend mr Xiao Dong Chen and his wife (here during their wedding on 2007).

They help me to have my fist experince helping kids in Dalian Primary school on 2006/2007.


Fuxing - Baiyin District of GANSU: Mr.He.  He has been involved in helping students for more than 10 years. In 2007, Mr.He began to cooperate with “Blue Sky” association for the revival of national primary, middle and high school student grants. He help me in projects on 2009 in Fuxing.

Mr.Dai left 2 in the photo. He works as a Chairman in cuili town congjiang,guizhou. and trip with me to all cuili schools and help communicated with local miao people and help me found new projects as well.


Miss Lina Sun, great friend from Dalian. She helped me on 2008/2009 to search reliable volunteers adn organizazions in China to help poor kids and start my foundation.

 Zhang jian-long has been a Chinese teacher in Yuzhong No.1 School for 6 years till now. In the year of 2007, Mr.Zhang became to the secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee and also a member of the school’s Center-funded management. As one of our partners in China, Zhang is also the main person who is in charge of the Education Charitable projects in Yuzhong district. He is my reference for student support in Gansu since 2009 until now.

Mr Jie Liang. A very nice guy I never met; he worked on 2009-2010 for create website for free for Bangzhuhaizi.

Mr Lishan live in GUIZHOU and have an association “Love the Mountains” foundend on 2004. He spend most of his time for help Miao minority people.

He is the guy who follow and help me to built many schools in that area from 2009 to 2012.


Mr Wang Tao from Dalian is my best friend. He share 50% with me the project for books in Gansu on 2011, and support some students on 2009-2010.

Ding Li Fang (Lisa) from Gansu province. She help on 2011-2012 for help kids in Gasu both for comunications and trip.

Miss Han Xuan (here in trip visit our projects on 2009).

She work when was university students for: translations, website, comunications and contacts, also accompany me in trip to kids place. On 2009-2011. 

My frined Miss TingTing (on right in yellow). He works in Dalian and she is the post office for me for letters exchange with students since 2011.

Miss Li Qiu. She works for: translations, comunications and contacts, also accompany me in trip to kids place. On 2012-2013.