Why need to build the Clinc


San gong Qu village health clinic located close to san gong qu center primay school in south west of  CuiLi village, CongJiang  country,Guizhou Province. Established many years agodue to the short of financial support by local governmentthey faced the problems like poor health condition insufficient medical equipment and most of the people hard to get  medical service in this Clinc timely.Recently they have 3 medical staffs and opens all working day and the clinc serves all the students in sangong qu center primary school and nearest 5 villages people total is about 6000 people.The Clinc needs to be rebulit as soon as possible

三工区村卫生所旧貌一览 The Old appearance of Sangong Qu village health clinic

项目计划书 Project Plan





       The construction area for San gong Qu village health clinic will be 3floors,total 176.1 square meters.

       1st floor covers an area of 79.8m2 . Which will be divided into 1 clinic room, 1 financial office  ,1 treatment room and 1 pharmacy room.

      2 nd floor covers an area of 79.8m. Which will be divided into 2 wards, 1 WC  and 1 duty room.

        3 rd floor is one enterclose only 16.5m2.

工程预算 Financial Budget




      Total budget for the project is 216320RMB.

      1200RMB Per Square Meter And Plus supervision cost 5000RMB.


      The actual costs will be caculated when finished the project. 

Marco visit and start on 2 October 2013

Under construction ….. 17 October 2013

Under construction ….. 4 November 2013

Under construction ….. 21 November 2013

Under construction ….. 16 December 2013

Under construction ….. 06 January 2014

Almost finish... 27 January 2014