the project

The project is keeping same as past years, help for poor kids based on teacher mr Zhang for selection of best students in not so good situation.

The target is just give little help to them and keep sutdent and his family work hard in order to let them understand how important is education and give possibility to improve.


I decide to increase form 40 to 50 students.

Based on mr Zhang information he ask me to increase teh help compare with past years from 500 to 750 RMB each student each semester (total project for 50 students 2012-13 = 75 000 RMB).

Marco visit on February 2013

Was nice trip ad great meetings.

Meet all students and talk to them and celebrate with nice lunch in restaurant.

All students prepared also some nice and simple presents to give me. I was so excite and happy. Is like a very big family and all students regards me as uncle. Most them so shy and hard talk together both because shy and because english lever not so high. I push them learn english more!

Next day we had a trip and visit some families of kids, to understand tehir situation and living places.

Seems poor makes peole more open and more nice; all families so kind and good wiht us, tehy offer us the best hospitality and best food they have to show friendship.