Building the new YouNiang Primary School of ZaiBian town

The situation of the overlay area of YouNiang primary school

This school will overlay 3 villages – YouNiang, BaiDui and BaiXia. YouNiang village has 9 residents’ groups, 6 natural stockades, 256 households and 1216 people in total; BaiDui village has 3 residents’ groups, 2 natural stockades, 86 households and 421 people in total; BaiXia village has 5 residents’ group, 4 natural stockades, 119 households and 562 people in total.

The basic situation of YouNiang primary school

The school is a village level primary school in YouNiang village, ZaiBian town. And it is 14km away from the town government, 117km away from the CongJiang County. The school serves for more than 2147 people within the 8km around. And presently has 5 classes with 160 students (98 female and 6 teaching and administrative staff).

With the further adjustment of the layout of the school, the students from each teaching school around are adding up. And the residents in this area scattered, so another two primary schools here will be merged, the students in this school will become more. So the classrooms for this school will be not enough.

Besides, except 130 students from YouNiang village and BaiDui village not board at school, another 30 students need to live in the school. But without the boarding place they have to stay in the relatives’ home near the school.

So it is urgent to build a new school. At the same time will make the old wooden school building as students’ laboratory and also their dormitory.

In addition, the school also needs a new toilet instead of the old small wooden one

Construction program for the school

Brick-concrete structure

The school building: 2-floor-brick-concrete structure, 6 classrooms, 2 offices and a stairway, totally 370㎡. About 650RMB/㎡, 240000RMB in total;

Toilet: 20㎡, 10000RMB;

Basketball playground: the villagers will work on it, need 15000RMB for material;

A basketball stand: 3000RMB;

Desk and chairs: 50 sets, 120RMB/set, 6000RMB in total;

Sports goods and books: 5000RMB;

Two computer units: 8000RMB.

Total: 287000RMB.

Construction schedule

The school will have a standard basketball playground so the price is higher than usual. The whole project will begin on March 1st, 2011 and the first one month will be used to prepare all materials, construction will be in the next five months April, May, June, July and August. Owing to the rainy season and the busy farming season during this period of time, we need to leave out one month as flexible time in order to avoid delaying the project. So the date of the completion will be set in October 1st, 2011. But we will September 1st as the complete date on the construction assignment to ensure the kids can study in new school building as soon as possible.

Before April 31st, complete the founding;

Before May 3oth, complete the basic construction;

Before July 31st, complete the second floor;

Before August 31st, complete the construction of all classrooms and affiliated facilities (including the basketball playground).


Marco visit on 2013

I visited this nice village only on December 2012 and really great meetign woth all kids and teachers.

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