the project

The project is keeping same as past years, help for poor kids based on teacher mr Zhang for selection of best students in not so good situation.

The target is just give little help to them and keep sutdent and his family work hard in order to let them understand how important is education and give possibility to improve.

I choose to help 40 students and based on mr Zhang information teh support is 500 RMB each student each semester (total project 40 000 RMB).


18 students are same students helped in past

22 students are new selected

Sudent list

high school need pay each semester 500 rmb    
NO 学号SCHOOL NO. 姓名(BZ NO.)   NAME 班级 Grade-Class 性别 GENDER    
  榆中 YU ZHONG             
1 10011010330 金昭00037 500semester Jin zhao HIGH G2-13 女F    
2 10011010370 张丽燕00042 500semester Zhang liyan HIGH G2-07 女F    
3 10011010434 石发岗00038 500semester Shi fagang HIGH G2-12 男M    
4 10011010446 蒋东00041 500semester Jiang dong HIGH G2-07 男M    
5 10011010462 许承鹏00044 500semester Xu chengpeng HIGH G2-10 男M    
6 10011010471 丁学平00036 500semester Ding xueping HIGH G2-15 男M    
7 10011010652 周盼00045 500semester Zhou pan HIGH G2-15 男M    
8 10011010675 罗攀盼00046 500semester Luo panpan HIGH G2-10 男M    
9 10011010747 任欣00047 500semester Ren xin HIGH G2-13 女F    
10 9011010136 白彦霞00009 500semester Bai yanxia HIGH G3-02 女F    
11 9011010168 张书伟00008 500semester Zhang shuwei HIGH G3-03 男M    
12 9011010376 吴娇00043 500semester Wu jiao HIGH G3-05 女F    
13 9011010463 彭明明00007 500semester Peng mingming HIGH G3-07 男M    
14 9011010550 赵希赟00001 500semester Zhao xiyun HIGH G3-08 男M    
15 9011010666 宋秀琴00006 500semester Song xiuqin HIGH G3-10 女F    
16 9011010968 罗婷00005 500semester Luo ting HIGH G3-15 女F    
17 9011010977 李国东00004 500semester Li guodong HIGH G3-15 男M    
18 9011011040 邴鑫00003 500semester Bing xin HIGH G3-16 男M    
19 11011010269 王彩风00048 500semester Wang caifeng HIGH G1-04 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
20 11011010383 蒋春云00049 500semester Jiang chunyun HIGH G1-05 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
21 11011010384 徐阳00050 500semester Xu yang HIGH G1-05 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
22 11011010391 李国慧00051 500semester Li guohui HIGH G1-06 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
23 11011010405 张来清00052 500semester Zhang laiqing HIGH G1-06 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
24 11011010491 祁慧君00053 500semester Qi huijun HIGH G1-07 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
25 11011010535 李金勇00054 500semester Li jinyong HIGH G1-08 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
26 11011010547 王得翔00055 500semester Wang dexiang HIGH G1-08 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
27 11011010574 陈静思00056 500semester Chen jingsi HIGH G1-09 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
28 11011010585 李宏秀00057 500semester Li hongxiu HIGH G1-09 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
29 11011010621 王江00058 500semester Wang jiang HIGH G1-09 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
30 11011010642 张亚军00059 500semester Zhang  yajun HIGH G1-10 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
31 11011010730 张清娟00060 500semester Zhang qingjuan HIGH G1-11 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
32 11011010745 张宁宁00061 500semester Zhang ningning HIGH G1-11 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
33 11011010760 王蓉00062 500semester Wang rong HIGH G1-12 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
34 11011010772 滕方00063 500semester Teng fang HIGH G1-12 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
35 11011010823 李平00064 500semester Li ping HIGH G1-13 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
36 11011010844 金莉芸00065 500semester Jin liyun HIGH G1-13 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
37 11011010865 张仁珊00066 500semester Zhang renshan HIGH G1-13 男M 11年推荐 newly selected
38 11011010907 金德娟00067 500semester Jin dejuan HIGH G1-14 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
39 11011011000 魏静00068 500semester Wei jing HIGH G1-16 女F 11年推荐 newly selected
40 11011011007 赵丽凤00069 500semester Zhao lifeng HIGH G1-16 女F 11年推荐 newly selected