Building the new WuNiu Primary School of YongLi village

Basic situation of the WuNiu primary school in YongLi village

YongLi village is made up of 2 natural stockades which contain 4 residents’ groups. There are 135 households that add up to 670 Miao people, including 130 school-aged children. No other cash crops except farming.

WuNiu primary school is 8km away from YongLi village. And it belongs to GaoKai and WuNiu countries. With 87 students (46female 41male), it has 4 grades. The first grade has 18 students; second grade has 23, third has 25 and fourth has 21. Students above the fourth grade need go to the center school to continue their studies. There are 4 state-teachers in this school. The percentage of the students who can past the exams is 60%, the average score is between 70-75.

The school was built in low quality owing to the shortage of funds and now the building leant badly.


Construction program of the school

Brick-concrete structure

The school building: two-story-brick-concrete structure, 4 classrooms, 2 offices and a stair well, totally 185㎡. About 650RMB/㎡, 120000RMB in total;

Basketball playground: the villagers will work on it, need 6,000RMB for material;

A basketball stand: 3,000RMB;

Desk and chairs: 50 sets, 120RMB/set, 6,000RMB in total;

Sports goods and books: 3,000RMB;

A computer unit: 5,000RMB.

Total: 143,000.00RMB.

Construction schedule

The school has a simple basketball playground already, just need to be fixed up. The whole project will begin on March 1st, 2010 and the first one month will be used to prepare all materials, construction will be in the next four months April, May, June and July. Owing to the rainy season and the busy farming season during this period of time, we need to leave out one month as flexible time in order to avoid delaying the project. So the date of the completion will be set in September, 2010. But we will August 1st as the complete date on the construction assignment to ensure the kids can study in new school building as soon as possible.

Before April 31st, complete the founding;

Before May 3oth, complete the basic construction;

Before July 31st, complete the construction of all classrooms and affiliated facilities (including the basketball playground).


during construction

school just finish

Marco visit on October 2013

I visit the village on October 2010.

Is a great village, so hard way to arrive, and in winter for some month impossible go by car because road is impossible.

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