Building the new WuYe Primary School of JiaBang village

Basic situation of WuYe village

WuYe village is located in south west of JiaBang village. It is 30km away from the location of the village government and bounded on the south by XiuTang Village of CongJiang County, on the east by GangBian village. The village has an area of 7.58 square kilometers, including 4 residents’ groups which have 129 households, 557 people and the number of the school-aged kids is 74. The annual per capita income of this Miao village in 2008 is 1025RMB. The land of this village is with bad natural condition, barren and soil erosion. It is relatively backwards in terms of infrastructure, presently there is only one road though it and without any clinic. Besides, lacking of water and has no tap water.

Basic situation of WuYe primary school

The school is in WuYe village and with an area of 114 square meters. At present it has only one grade 13 students (7 male 6 female) because of lacking of classrooms. So students who are up to second grade need walk 15km to the XiaoPing central school (a complete school) to study everyday. (if rebuild WuYe primary school it will has the second grade) there is only a supply teacher now live in the school. Besides, the school has no sports ground and has only 20 books.

The new school will has 2 grades and the number of students will add up to 

Construction program for the school

Brick-concrete structure

The school building:3 classrooms, totally 80㎡. About 650RMB/㎡, 52000RMB in total;

Basketball playground: the villagers will work on it, need 10000RMB for material;

A basketball stand: 3000RMB;

Desk and chairs: 30 sets, 120RMB/set, 3600RMB in total;

Sports goods and books: 2500RMB;

A computer unit: 5000RMB.

Total: 76100RMB.

Construction schedule

One month will be used on constructing the basketball playground. The whole project will begin on March 1st, 2010 and the first one month will be used to prepare all materials, construction will be in the next four months April, May, June and July. Owing to the rainy season and the busy farming season during this period of time, we need to leave out one month as flexible time in order to avoid delaying the project. So the date of the completion will be set in September 1st, 2010. But we will August 1st as the complete date on the construction assignment to ensure the kids can study in new school building as soon as possible.

Before April 31st, complete the founding;

Before May 3oth, complete the basic construction;

Before July 31st, complete the construction of all classrooms and affiliated facilities (including the basketball playground).


during construction

Marco visit

Visit of village on October 2013