Equipping the library of Fuxing middle school with 500 books

ow we proceed (about equipping the libraries)

The school needs to hand in an application form (as followed). After visit, we will check if this applies will be up to the mustard. Once we fix on it, BZ will sign the form (as agreement) with the school. The donations can be in 2 types – on economy or material. That is to say every donor can choose to donate money for books or donate books to the library directly.

Equipping the library of Shanghan primary school

Partner:                       Mr. He

Total cost:                   5000RMB (for 500 books, round plan)

Location:                    Fuxing county, Baiyin, Gansu province

Complete time:           Will be in Sep.2009

Basic situation of the school

The school, which with 12 teachers, 86 students and 6 classes is belongs to one of the 8 primary schools in Fuxing County. It’s very small but with some of the hardest study students. Now the urgent problem needs to be solved is to enrich its’ small library with more new books.

Application form of Shanghan primary school in  Fuxing county, Baiyin, Gansu province

books delivered