Basic situation of the Gun He primary school in  CuiLi village

 The old school building 

This school is located in Gun He country, south west of CuiLi village. People in this country are mostly belonging to Miao nation. There are 151 families living there and the number of the population is 805.

With a strong atmosphere of study, there is a good ideological and moral education in the school and it is full of harmonious, warm, development scene. The campus covers an area of 220 square meters, two classes and 38 students, one staff person (substitute teacher).

Because the old school building is wooden and has been built for quite a long time without repair funding, it is very shabby now.

 one of the classroom

Construction program for the school

The school building: brick-concrete structure, 3 classrooms, 80 square meters in total. The cost for each square meter is 650Y, need 52,000Y in total.

Basketball playground: will be built by the local people, the expanse of the material is 6,000Y.

A basketball stand: 2,800Y.

Desks and chairs: 30 sets, 120Y/set, need 3,600Y in total.

Sporting goods and the books: 2,500Y.

One computer: 5,000Y.

Total: 71,900.00Y.

How we Proceed

 “Friends of Mountain” Association and “Bangzhuhaizi” as donors signed an agreement with the builders of the school, the local authorities and village people. Manpower will be for free from villagers and school must work at least for 10 years.


PS:The necessities and opportunities of the interventions have been verified personally by Marco Zamboni.

during construction

celebration for finish

I went there to celebrate new school on September 2009 even if not complete the construction.

Was a great day with them, if interesting see more pics please check GALLERY.