Basic situation of the BaiWeng primary school in CuiLi village

BaiWeng natural stockade belongs to GaoWen country. It’s 8.6km away from CuiLi village. There are 5 residents’ groups which add up to 161 households, 731 people and all of them belong to Yao nation. Besides, it is the stockade where the country’s committee located in. no other cash crops in addition to farming.

BaiWeng primary school was rebuilt in 2005, and most of the students come from BaiWeng natural stockade and the countries beside (such as JingJi, JiaLie, and DouLi). The school has two classes (consist of grade one and grade two), 45 students, that are made up with 24 girls and 21 boys. Students who finish their second grade need to go to GaoWen primary school to continue their studies. There is a public teacher who has taught for 30 years in this school. The average pass rate of those pupils is 60%--70%, the score is 60 points in average.

The school was built in low quality owing to the shortage of funds and now the building leant badly. It will be easily broken down in a storm.

Construction program for the school

Brick-concrete structure

The school building: brick-concrete structure, 4 classrooms, 4*6M, a total of approximately 110 square meters. The expanse of the material is very high, about 650Y/square meter, need 71500.00 in total.

Basketball playground: Owing to the venue has been hardened, we need to smooth the surface by re-pouring cement. The villagers will work on it. Need 3,000Y in total for material.

A basketball stand: 2800 Y, 

Desks and chairs: 40 sets each set 120, a total of 4800 Y. 

Sporting Goods and the Books: 2,500 Y. 

One computer units: more than 5,000

Total: 89,600.00 Y.

Construction schedule

All of the materials will be well prepared in one month as soon as we get down to the construction. By that time will have no effect on the rate of construction progress. The same as what we planed for the construction of WuYing primary school, it will be finished in 3 month (June, July and August). Considering that it’s rainy season during this period of time, we need to leave out one month as flexible time in order to avoid the delay of the project. So the date of the completion will be set in October, 2009. But we’ll still make the Sep 1st as the complete date on the construction assignment to ensure the kids can study in new school building as soon as possible.

     Before June 30th, complete the founding;

     Before July 31st, complete the basic construction;

     Before August 31st, complete the construction of all classrooms and affiliated facilities.  

 PS:The necessities and opportunities of the interventions have been verified personally by Marco Zamboni.

during construction

visit on september 2009 and inaugurate

I went there to celebrate new school on September 2009 even if not complete the construction.

Was a great day with them, if interesting see more pics please check GALLERY.