Student support for food

The project has the aim to increase the attendance at school for children who need to have school outside their home-villages. In order to do so, they have to leave their small and secluded villages and move into bigger towns, where they can go on their studies.

We already confirmed our adhesion to help up to 10 pupils aged from 7 to 11 years old(74EURO/YEAR for each student). We really hope that the number of those children can be higher.

What they eat at school

Recently, the Chinese government has issued a new law which compels pupils to go to school till the age of 9. However, the villages secluded among the mountains are distant from the schools, and kids really can not go back to their home everyday. For this reason, they live at school and families have to supply their food. Unfortunately, the families of these villages live in extremely poor conditions, and the only thing they can give them is just a small portion of rice.

In the CongJinag area, children can eat in the schoolrooms only at lunch and dinner time with the foods supplied by their parents and cooked from the school stuff. Therefore, many of them do not have breakfast, the most important meal to give the energies necessary for the following school hours, and they have lunch and dinner with only a fist of rice. The result is that after a few months they really do not have strength enough and they stop attending school.

Our project is simply the idea of giving them the possibility to go to school and have the necessary food (and energy) to resist a school day. Therefore, we want to give them some foods for breakfast and vegetables to go with the rice of their lunch and dinners. Do not ask us to give them an adequate alimentation… it is really important just that they are nourished! Otherwise they stop going to school… only because they can not afford 15 RMB per week.

How to proceed


Families must have an annual income lower than 1000 RMB (approximately 118 Euro). Beneficiaries must be disciplined, must respect the teachers and attend the school lessons with frequency.

As for the moment we do not have great founds, if there are many children with the above mentioned requirements, only the worthier and with better results will be given this support.

The list

Each school stuff prepares, together with the collaboration of the teachers, a list which identifies the children which would need help most. Then the list is given to the Association, which verifies the needs and prepares a final list.


Donors must give their annual contribute in only one solution: 3 RMB per day X 5 days a week X 21 week (semester) x 2 semesters = 630 RMB per year (74 Euros per year).

Health check up and screening

Volunteers make an annual check up of each student and his/her family, verifying both the school results and the morality in the application to the study. Student not in conformity to the standards will be cancelled from the list. If during a verification more than 20% of the students result not in conformity, all the contributes to the school subject to verification will be stopped, and a new list will be prepared.

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