I am Marco form Italy but my heart is share between Italy and China since i start business relation on 1998 with Dalian companies. 

I got great friendships with chinese people and with China too.


I start thinking to help some poor people and on 2006/07 I support some student of primary school in Dalian.

My friend Xiao Dong and his wife (teacher) helped me to identify projects.


Soon I realized need better investigate for more poor situation and my friend Lina introduce me to some volunteer organizations... and so i dediced to found one association too.

2009 Bangzhuhaizi starts

BangZhuHaiZi (help kids in Chinese language) is a No Profit Association. Was founded on 2 march 2009 and has nine friends from Verona—Italy as founders.

The main target is to give some opportunity to kids living in poor and bad condition, mainly starting from education problems. Kids are our future; helping them to grow up in better condition and having education we can improve their mentality and skills so in future they can change their life and also the quality of life of all the poor villages where they live.

We operate in China with some local no profit groups and volunteers and we check directly the situation, the need of communities, how to operate, and the results of our work and so on.

100% of donations will be for projects; organization costs are paid by founder members and trip costs by the volunteers.

We don't pretend to change world, but even only one kid smile more due to our efforts is enough for us to be sure our work is worthy of being done.


... situation on 2014

Great ideas when starting but after I found many problems mainly for:

  • hard for western people to trust charity and no profit things
  • no time to promote and found sponsors
  • Italy and Europe hard economic situation and more hard find money

So finally I decided to keep follow by myself, and sometimes with some help from chinese friends.

I alwasy no thanks enough all people helping me for identify and follow projects; from volunteers on site (teachers, village people, ...) to guys and girls helping for interpreter and so on. Without them nothing of what you can see here would be real.

Finally I must thanks all people I met in my trips, they always regards me as their best friend and member of their communities and familes, thanks a lot.

What u can keep in pocket is nothing, what you can keep in heart make you really happy; so I will do my best to continue these activities in future.


Marco 6 January 2014